In here we are going to talk about Performing CRUD Operations in Koa

What is CRUD?

These are the four operations mainly we use over a database. But we still didn’t discuss about how koa work with Databases. So we are going to use static array to perform all the operations.

First of all we need to download and install Postman(Use for test APIs).

let’s make array for our example.

now we have to define the router. So define the route we have to write code like this.

In here we are talking about how to create a server using koa.js

First of all we should install node.js to computer. then we can see node version using command prompt. after opening prompt we should type node -v and press enter the we can see node version.

after that we should make a directory or new folder and open a terminal using visual code of any other code editor. then we should create package.json for that directory or the folder.

in next step we may type npm init in terminal and answer certain questions as follows.

In here we are going to discuss about koa.js web application framework.

Koa.js is a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework. It is a very small framework(600 loC) which provides the required tools to build app and is quite flexible. There are numerous modules available on npm for koa, which can be directly plugged into it. Koa can be thought of as the core of express.js without all the bells and whistles. And also it is an open source framework developed and maintained by creators of Express.js, the most popular node web framework.

Why Koa?

Koa has a small…

In here we are going to talk about basic difference between the Java and Java Script.

Let’s get started!

introduction to java:

java is a OOP language similar to C++ found by Sun Microsystem in 1991. Java is a most reliable, secure and fast language among programming languages. And also Java use for Banking, Information Technology, Financial Services, Stock market and various kind of industries. Because of Java is master of all programming languages.

Now let’s move on to basic features of JAVA:

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